Fraud Alert: Secret Shopper Scam

12 March 2014 Published in Alerts

A letter from Best Buy Care and a fraudulent check from Wasatch Peaks Credit Union are being received in the mail by individuals across the country stating that you are being hired to participate in a Secret Shopper survey with various major retailers. The letter asks that you call a 1-800 number to activate your check and be given an assignment. Once the number is called, the representative asks that you cash the enclosed check and have a certain amount of money sent, typically via Western Union, to another location and that you may keep some of the funds.

However, the enclosed checks are not issued by Wasatch Peaks and are fraudulent, the check will NOT be honored by Wasatch Peaks Credit Union if they are presented for payment. In the event that you deposit or cash the fraudulent item, your financial institution can hold you liable for the funds. For your own protection, please do NOT attempt to deposit or cash these fraudulent items.


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