Important Changes to Your Account Terms

01 November 2015 Published in Alerts

The following is a summary of changes that are being made to your account terms. These changes will take effect on December 15, 2015. For more information see below.


Out-of-Network ATM Usage Fee

When you use an Out-of-Network ATM to conduct a transaction, you will be charged a $2.00 Usage Fee for each transaction.


Revised Terms as of December 15, 2015
ATM Usage Fee (Out-of-Network)*............................$2.00 per transaction

*Out-of-Network ATMs include those that display the Plus® or STAR® logos.

ATM owners or operators may charge you additional fees sometimes called “surcharge” or “convenience fees.”


No-Fee Access

If you use an ATM operated by the nationwide Credit Union CO-OP Network, this fee will not apply.

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