Direct Deposit

Direct deposit is a convenient and safe way to deposit your paycheck directly into your Wasatch Peaks Credit Union savings or checking account. Your paycheck is sent electronically to your account, where you have immediate access to your funds.

More than one check can be directly deposited to your account (i.e., your spouse's paycheck may also be eligible for direct deposit). Your check can be directly deposited into your primary savings or checking account you decide.

You have immediate access to your funds anytime, anywhere with your checking account or through 24-HR Teller Phone, Online banking, ATMs, and Point-of-Sale terminals. All deposits are listed on your account statements. When on vacation, business, or just away from home, your check is deposited into your Credit Union account. You can also arrange for automatic transfers to your Alliance loans or other special accounts.

Peace of mind... your funds are automatically deposited. You don't have to worry about checks being lost, stolen, or accidentally destroyed.

Fully insured funds
All Wasatch Peaks Credit Union member deposits are federally insured to $250,000 by the National Credit Union Administration, an agency of the Federal Government.

Important Account Information

When completing the forms for your direct deposit, please use the following information on your direct deposit form:

Routing Number - 324377707
Type of Account - Mark either checking or savings
Account Number - Use your Credit Union account number