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With a Wasatch Peaks Credit Union MONEY MOO$E™ Kids Club account, you can start teaching children (up to 12 years old) the importance of saving for the future. The MONEY MOO$E™ Kids Club account is designed to help children succeed financially from a young age and throughout life.

The MONEY MOO$E™ Kids Club gives each child their own savings account. With the help of a qualified adult, kids can watch their savings grow by accessing their account with Online Banking.

MONEY MOO$E™ teaches three important financial concepts: Save, Share, and Spend. As a member of the MONEY MOO$E™ Kids Club, kids will receive:

  • Stuffed Money Moose
  • Peaks Passbook™
  • Membership Card
  • Coloring Book
  • Crayons

MONEY MOO$E™ Kids Club

Make sure the kids bring their MONEY MOO$E™ Kids Club Peaks Passbook™ when you make a trip to any Wasatch Peaks Credit Union branch. Every quarter, Wasatch Peaks will introduce three new Display Prizes for the kids to collect. A teller will stamp the MONEY MOO$E™ Kids Club Peaks Passbook™ each time they make a deposit. Member will get one Display Prize every month and a prize from the Treasure Box for all other deposits made during the month. 

Visit a Wasatch Peaks Credit Union branch to open a MONEY MOO$E™ Kids Club Account today!

1st Quarter Prizes

 Bottle.line square   Bottles line.changed square

New! Color Change water bottles! Watch them change color when they're cold!



Fun Kid Websites

Here are some cool websites to learn more about the world around us:


Art and Literature

Money and Saving

Just for Fun

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