Financial Tools to Help You Save Smart

At Wasatch Peaks, we have the financial tools to help you save smart. Set aside money for the holidays with a Christmas Club Account, try Budgeter Accounts for money management, and it's never too late to start a Money Market Savings Account for emergencies. There are plenty of savings options available to make your life easier! 

Savings Accounts

This is our primary Membership Account. At Wasatch Peaks Credit Union, you'll earn competitive rates on your Savings Account. A minimum deposit of only $5 is required to maintain your credit union membership. This account allows you to participate in a variety of savings, checking, financial planning, and loan options that will give you more power over your money.

Budgeter Accounts

Budgeter Accounts make it easy to save for those short-term, recurring goals. Now you have up to 30 additional accounts to put money into and keep separate for easy tracking. Give each account a specific name and when it comes time to use the money, just transfer it into your checking for easy access. House Payment, Insurance, Spending Money, School Expenses, or Birthdays are a few things you may want to consider setting aside money for. That's the beauty of the Budgeter, it's customized just for you! It's even easier when money is automatically transferred to your Budgeter Account from your savings or payroll!

Christmas Club Account

This account is designed to help you save for the holiday season, but that's not all! You can use it to save for property taxes, or save for your dream vacation. It's up to you. Terms are the same as our 1-Year Certificate Account as of October 1st of each year; however the balance of this account will be transferred to your Savings Account on October 6th of each year. Make saving even easier by signing up for payroll deduction. This account allows for maximum deposit of $300 a month and computes daily and pays at maturity. With a Christmas Club Account, you'll be ready for the holidays!