June 24, 2019
Today's Rates

Auto Loans
84 Months

Home Equity Loans
6 Month Fixed Rate Special

ATV Loans
60 Months

Visa® Platinum Card
6 Month Intro Fixed Rate

Personal Loan Rates

Rates and terms are accurate as of June 1, 2019 and are subject to change.

The credit union may offer other rates and terms or amend rates and terms contained in this schedule.

Loan Type Rate Type APR* as low as Term
Signature/Personal Fixed 9.05% 48 Months
Overdraft Variable 15.00%

2.70% of Balance

Share or Certificate Loan Fixed Rate + 3.00% 60 Months

The annual percentage rates listed are our best rates. Your rate may be higher depending on credit history and underwriting criteria.

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