March 29, 2020
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Let Wasatch Peaks Credit Union help you get the right loan for your dream home. We offer the most competitive mortgage rates in Ogden and surrounding areas, helping you take those first steps to home ownership.

Our financial advisors are standing by to provide you with all the necessary information you will need to take out a mortgage. Our advisors will assist you in finding the right loan that suits your unique situation.

At Wasatch Peaks Credit Union, we understand how stressful the loan application process can sometimes seem. Our expert advisers can simplify the process for you and help you make sound financial decisions.

Find the Best Possible Loan

We strive to make your loan application to be a hassle-free experience. We are dedicated to finding you the best mortgage rates available and helping you navigate the entire mortgage application process from start to finish.

At Wasatch Peaks Credit Union, because we are part of your community, we understand the importance of securing a home that is comfortable and will meet the needs of your family.

A mortgage will likely be one of the biggest loans of your life.  Because of this, it’s important to get the right financing plan at the most reasonable terms and rates. In some cases, you may even qualify for tax benefits. 

Whether you are looking to buy, build, refinance, or renovate an existing property, our mortgage loans will help make it easier for you to accomplish your goal. Our financial advisors will help you get the most out of your mortgages, and are ready to answer all your loan questions.


Rates and terms are accurate as of March 24, 2020 and are subject to change.

The credit union may offer other rates and terms or amend rates and terms contained in this schedule.

Loan Type APR* as low as
30 Year Fixed – Conventional Mortgage 3.375% – 3.449%*
15 Year Fixed – Conventional Mortgage 3.375% – 3.509%*
80% Home Equity Line-of-Credit – 12 Months Intro Fixed Rate Special 2.99%
80% Home Equity Line-of-Credit 5.50%
10 Year Fixed – 100% Loan to Value (LTV) 1st Mortgage / $15,000 max 9.00%
5 Year Fixed – 80% Loan to Value (LTV) 1st Mortgage 3.10%
7 Year Fixed – 80% Loan to value (LTV) 1st Mortgage 3.15%
10 Year Fixed – 80% Loan to Value (LTV) 1st Mortgage 3.25%
15 Year Fixed – 80% Loan to value (LTV) 1st Mortgage / 5 Year Call 3.35%
30 Year Fixed – 80% Loan to Value (LTV) Long Term Mortgage / 10 Year Call Special* 3.50%
9 Month Fixed – Construction Loans 4.25%
10 Year Fixed – Improved Lot Loans / 80% Loan to value (LTV) / 3 Year Call 5.24%

The annual percentage rates listed are our best rates. Your rate may be higher depending on credit history and underwriting criteria. Home Equity Loans and Lines of Credit have a maximum variable APR of 18% and require home owners' insurance. A reimbursement of fees may apply if reconveyed within 24 months. 

*Rates, fees, and Annual Percentage Rates (APRs) displayed are intended as mortgage market indicators only, are time-delayed, and may change without notice. The information provided assumes the purpose of the loan is to purchase a primary residence, single-family dwelling in Utah with a 20% down payment. The rate-lock period is 30 days and the assumed credit score is 740. Actual rates, fees, and APRs may vary based on these and other factors. There may be additional fees assessed by the investor that will increase the APR. NMLS# 631141
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