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April 24, 2017

How to Identify and Work Towards a Savings Goal

Last week I went to the Nature Center with my son for his class field…
April 19, 2017

The Modern Truth About Credit Scores

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Credit score is one of the most important factors of mortgage rates and many other…
April 17, 2017

3 Keys for Teen Budgeting

Last week I gave ideas for youth to earn money. Once teens learn how to…
April 14, 2017

Buying A Home In Today's Economy

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Whether you're a regular news junkie or you rely on your better half to keep…
April 12, 2017

Beware of Scams! Give Your Kids Tools For Standing Up To Con Artists

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The world is a big and beautiful place. Unfortunately, it is also filled with unethical…
April 10, 2017

Help Your Teen Solve Their Money Problem with 3 Simple and Creative Ideas

I get to serve with teenagers in my neighborhood. When I talked with them about budgeting…
April 03, 2017

Learning on the Go: Simple Ways to Teach Kids About Loans

In my blog last week, I talked about how life’s experiences provides opportunities to teach…
March 31, 2017

Plan Your Summer Vacation to California at Affordable Prices!

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Get Away Today and Wasatch Peaks Credit Union are thrilled to share all of the…
March 31, 2017

Get a $100 Cash Reward for Every New Line You Switch to Sprint

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This new exclusive cash rewards offer is our best one EVER! Now, as a credit…
March 31, 2017

Get Exclusive Discounts from Love My Credit Union Rewards

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Everyone loves to save, especially on products and services you use every day. That’s what…
March 31, 2017

2017 Free Community Electronic Recycling & Shred Days

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Protect Your Identity Join us at your local branch to recycle obsolete electronics and shred…
March 31, 2017

President’s Message: Exceeding Expectations One Member at a Time

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We often hear Credit Union’s say that we need to get back to our roots.…
March 31, 2017

Charging Your Phone in Public? Watch that Port!

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Smartphones have become a ubiquitous part of our lives. Even if it’s just there in…
March 29, 2017

What To Do About Spam: Cutting Down On Unwanted Email

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Q: My inbox is overflowing with unwanted emails. Everyone wants to sell me something, or…
March 27, 2017

Teaching Healthy Financial Habits to Kids

As parents, we often sign our kids up for soccer teams, swim, piano or dance…
March 24, 2017

Investing Step #3: Educate Yourself

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Now that you’re free from debt and are steadily building up your savings, you’re probably…
March 22, 2017

Women's History Month: Women In Finance

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Because March is Women's History Month, we're taking a moment to reflect on many of…
March 20, 2017

This Easy Exercise Will Prepare You to Receive Extra income

A couple of years ago, we received a lot of money as a Christmas gift…
March 17, 2017

Wasatch Peaks Credit Union Members Enjoy 87th Annual Meeting

in News

OGDEN, UTAH, March 15, 2017 – The 87th Annual Meeting of Wasatch Peaks Credit Union…

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