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June 22, 2017

Financial Tips For Single Parents

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Smart money management is always important, but it can take on more urgency for those…
June 19, 2017

Kickoff the Beginning of Summer with (Budget Friendly) Fun Activities

Tomorrow is officially the first day of summer! A few years ago, our family decided…
June 12, 2017

Two Gifts That My Father Gave Me That Can Help You Face Financial Storms

When was the last time that you felt like quitting? It was a couple of…
June 05, 2017

Why Choose a Credit Union for a Credit Card?

in Blog

If you’ve dealt with the friendly experts at Wasatch Peaks in the past, you know…
June 05, 2017

The 3 Simple Keys That Will Help You Avoid Being Broke During Retirement

We recently had our piano tuned, and our tuner shared part of his life story…
May 30, 2017

How You Can Benefit From FHA Loans

in Blog

We’re here to provide excellent mortgage loan options for first-time homebuyers at Wasatch Peaks Credit…
May 29, 2017

Holiday and Vacation Ideas That Can Help You Enjoy Memorial and Summer Holidays and Avoid…

Although I write about personal finance, no financial topic is independent. So, I am really…
May 26, 2017

8 Things You Thought You Knew About Memorial Day

in Blog

Everyone Understands the True Meaning of the Day In 2000, a Gallup Poll showed that…
May 23, 2017

Summer Semester Fun

in Blog

Here’s a real brainteaser for you: Flip-flops, sunscreen, iced coffees and textbooks – which of…
May 22, 2017

If Your Finances Are a Mess, There's a Few Simple Things You Can Do

I’m still cleaning walls. This job seems to be neverending, but one good result is…
May 19, 2017

Building a Financial Future Using the Building Blocks Approach

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How do you choose what financial information to impart to kids? What’s really important? Perhaps…
May 17, 2017

Shop Smart At Target!

in Blog

Are you a regular at Target? If you love the store’s wide layout and great…
May 16, 2017

Volunteer Your Child for Success Later in Life

in Blog

Volunteering is one of the most selfless acts a person can do. It’s all about…
May 15, 2017

If You've Had a Summer Budget Fail, Read This Before Summer Begins

A couple of weeks ago the weather was very rainy, and we stayed inside a…
May 11, 2017

Mother’s Day On A Budget

in Blog

Along with the blossoming flowers, the blazing sunshine and the tinkling bell of the ice…
May 09, 2017

Feeling Stuck In Your Car Loan? Might Be Time To Shop Around!

in Blog

Bills are a lot like bad weather. They're going to come anyway, so you might…
May 08, 2017

Mother's Day Magic Doesn't Require a Trip Disneyland: A Few Simple Actions Can Honor Your…

My youngest daughter is at a magical age. She thinks that the automatic doors, faucets,…
May 05, 2017

Your Personal RV Buying Guide

in Blog

Q: It’s vacation time again. This year, we’re thinking about doing something different and buying…
May 02, 2017

6 Ways To Know You’re Ready To Start A Business

in Blog

Have you been bitten by the business bug? It’s all very exciting, but check this…

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